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A forum for the sweet ladies of staysassy to sell and trade their stuff!
This is the place for members of staysassy to sell their unwanted clothes! Please don't join if you're not a SS member, but whatever, it's not like I'll approve you anyway SUCKA!

1. Clothes and accessories ONLY, at least for now. I know you're just dying to get rid of your Matchbox 20 CD's, but we don't want that shit either.
2. Please use judgement when posting your items. If you can't see anyone possibly wanting it, just take it to Goodwill and save us the hassle!
3. If you run an eBay/laundro/etsy store, good for you, but don't be all spammin' us up with ads every day. Posting links to eBay auctions etc. is okay once in a while, though.
4. Flakers get the ban. No second chances.
5. Get a Paypal account, it'll make life a zillion times easier. If you want to deal with concealed cash/checks, that's your own business, but don't come bitching to me when it doesn't show up.